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hotnerdlove's Journal

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This is a nerd love community that is a dirtier spin off of nerd crushes, this community will have slash. Here are a few simple rules.

1. no flaming
2. no non nerd pics here, like brad pitt and tom cruise, they suck ass
3. no TyPIng LiKe ThIs
4. no abusing the english language by using excessive chat speak it gives me a fucking headache
5. don't piss me off
if anyone violates these rules they will be warned and or banned
6. *new rule* when posting slash about real people, it's ok to make it be friends only so that if any of the real people that the slash is about wouldn't read it and get freaked out and I don't really care if you use an lj cut because I'm not that good at using them myself hehe

Have fun!